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1. Problem of posting - superpositions and shifts

When the site launches out, it should resemble this:

to listen radio

1.1 Shift of the menus and lists:
This can be in keeping with posting or of the characters (often under Internet Explorer), here the solution:
- Finely the top > Posting > size of the text > normal
- Finely the top > Posting > Zoom > 100%
- Finely the top > Posting > style > style by default

1.2. The executives and titles are posted, but the radios and the contents of the lists are not posted:
It is mainly with a problem of connection to the databases or cookies.
We invite you to consult our heading “cookies” to check if that does not come from there, if not thank you to address an e-mail to us.

1.3. Another concern:
- You can try to reload the site.
- If not we invite you to consult the heading: “The site does not take care

2. The site does not take care/problem of sound/problem of posting…

2.1. To empty the mask of your browser: :

This can be solved just by emptying the mask of your browser (think of also emptying the history of navigation and download):
Click here to know how to empty the mask of your browser:
In a general way, it is recommended to empty your mask regularly, to remove all the undesirable cookies and all the useless temporary pages which weigh down as sites that you visit, your computer and your navigation.

2.2 If not write quickly to us with we will assist you free and quickly
2.3 The radios do not appear or part of the site remains in “LOADING”:
  • a. The most probable reason is that you prohibited the cookies: Consult our assistance to manage/authorize our cookies (see summary of the assistance) We are obliged to use the cookies for the recording of the radios and the playlists.
    To be sure that functions, the cookies following should be authorized:
  • C. Lastly, if not try with another browser, to see whether it goes.
    In certain cases of use of network 3G or WIFI network hammered (cybercafé, etc…), certain flows are blocked. We met mainly this concern on keys 3G.

3. Installation of Flash player

3.1 - New version of Flash is HIGHER A 10.2:
The Radioways site uses functionality (the player) which requires the installation of the version of Flash is HIGHER A 10.2. Here a didactitiel of Adobe, allowing you to test and install Flash Player simply:


After the installation of the update Flash Player, it is necessary to start again your computer so that the installation is correctly taken into account

3.2 - Important (Windows): Innovation to optimize/accelerate/clean your PC: FIXIT from Microsoft:
Cleaning/optimization PC: Fixit from Microsoft (free)

Microsoft FixitBy install software, plugins etc… This often creates conflict of memory allocation, codecs, and others bugs Windows… Fixit diagnosis, detects and corrects automatically the majority of the problems of your system. To use without moderation (it is free)…

3.3 - Breakdown service, bonds useful: If you meet concern for the installation of flash (or if the browser asks you to install flash again). We invite you to consult the assistance of Adobe:

a. Breakdown service of the problems of installation of Flash Player
b. Breakdown service of installation of Flash for Mac (Intel)
c. test and version of your flash player
d. direct link of installation of flash player

- If not you can also uninstall and reinstall your browser properly.
- If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact us with: info (At)

4. Installation of the goods “plugins” (modules) to listen to the radio

- 1. Reader Flash owner integrated into the site:
It will enable you to read almost totality (95%) radios of our catalog
It is a reader whom we developed in-house and who integrates a certain number of functionality innovating, in particular treatment of the cuts/buffer. A new version will make it possible as from the 1/15/2013 to read the mp4 too.

- 2. WMP (Windows media player).
That concerns you only if you are under Windows:
- If you are under Internet Explorer: not need (in the worst case “Windows update”…)
- If you are under Firefox/Mozilla or Opera or Chromium, consult our page:
of assistance to: installation of the plugin Windows Media Player (click-here).

- 3. VLC (videolan):
ONLY if you are under mac Macintosh or Linux for the radios which are not QS+.
It will not be useful for you under Windows for Radioways.

- Please consult our page
of assistance to the installation of plugin VLC for Macintosh or Linux.
- Just for information, here the bond of assistance to the installation of plugin VLC for Windows.

- 4. NO ONE:
This indication apparrait when the radio does not have flow for the operating system used (in particular Linux or Mac)

Important note 2:
Normally, our system of automatic control will post you pop-up proposing the good to you plug-in.
In the very rare case and private individual where this system of detection would not have functioned (pop-up reduced Windows system, or anti safety, etc…), a message “unavailable” will be posted during the reading of certain radios.
You can then consult the bonds above, to install the good plug-in.

5. Certain radios post “unavailable”: solution?

The message “unavailable” means that the flow of the radio is inaccessible.

a. If the radio is not “MP3”, check that you correctly installed the plugin: heading: installation of the plugin for the radios

b. The most probable reason is that the flow of the radio is inaccessible.
We for this reason identified the following restrictions:
- Key 3G SFR, restriction of reading on certain flows wmp and VLC
- Hotspot SFR/Neuf Wifi: restriction of reading of certain flows wmp and the majority of flows vlc

- Certain companies block the access to certain waiters of radios: for this reason, for the same radio, you will find several version (type the name in research)

However, that could also come from a blocking of the player if it is a radio which usually answers.
- For you to ensure some: check that you are able to consult and listen to other radios. Then return on this radio again.
- If not, carry out a research by name of radio, we often have several version of flow for the same radio. Thus test other flows. - If not, please try to close the browser and start again the site.
- If the problem persists and that no other radio answers, please carry out the check list of the 5 points of our heading “the site does not take care”.

Finally do not hesitate especially to solicit us to announce us the problem and to contact us with info (At)

6. Microcuts of sound or total cut at the end of a certain time.

1. Regular microcuts spaced at the time of listening or stop at the end of a few seconds:

1.1 Solution 1:
Have “break again” a few seconds then “play”.
It is often with the very fast diffusion in quick stream, the buffer did not have time to take care.

1.2 Solution 2:
If the radio stops systematically at the end of a few seconds (and when you have break/play, that begins again the same piece or that does not launch out any more) it is that the player flash badly initialized and kept out of plug the same piece. That more frequently arrives when there is another process flash (on another site for example: pub, flash, etc.)
For that, the browser should be left (to also close all the other pages). Then to launch Radioways. All should return in the order.

1.3 Solution 3:
We added alternatives of streams of listening allowing to answer your configuration.
To find these different streams, you can seek (think of notching radio). You will have in results of the alternatives of “streams”, different type (qs+, wmp or vlc) and flows (24, 56,64,128kbps, etc.)
1.4 If the problem persists:
Thank you to urgently address e-mail to us to: info (At), with the name of the radio which poses problem.

2. Cut of the radio at the end of a few hours of listening:
One very a large number of radios set up a “timer” which cuts the sound or stops the diffusion of the stream at the end of a certain listening time (in general a few hours). This in order to avoid the abusive, erroneous or “forgotten” diffusion of radios.

3. White page and not of exclamation at the end of a certain listening time:
Please consult the assistance relating to the appearance of a white page with point of exclamation.

7. Problem of cookies

The cookies, are a file in which we store essential information for:
- Programming of the recordings of the radios
- Your playlists of radios.
- Indexed fast research quick search
- The acceleration of listening of the radios: quick stream

Consequently, the Radioways site, will function correctly only if you authorize the cookies following:

You can very easily consult the contents besides stored by these cookies, they are textual files.

Here a tutorial to know: how to activate the cookies

8. White Player (vacuum) + not of exclamation

In certain rare case, the site can leave room to a white page with a point of exclamation.

It is a known bug of the player Flash of Adobe relative to a timout and the management of the memory.
You can follow the evolution and the correction of this bug by the teams of Adobe on:

If that produced, it is enough to reload the page and to launch the site again.

Note rare and particular Cas for certain browsers IE:
Under certain rare version of Internet Explorer, when you start again radioways, it could post you a message asking for the reinstalment of flash.
It is a mistake in interpretation. You do not need to reinstall flash.
To solve the problem you can:
- Is to use another browser (Chromium, Firefox) while waiting to start again your PC
- Is quite simply to start again the PC. Internet Explorer will not require of you any more to reinstall flash.

10. How to record a radio? Format of recording mp3 or mp4?

Important note:
You do not need to leave your lit PC when you record: the recordings take place on our waiter.

1 - Immediate mode and differed mode:
You have two recording modes: immediate and differed.
When you pass the mouse to the top of the button of recording, you have a menu which opens.
has For an immediate recording: specify the duration then click on the button of recording
B To program a differed recording: supplement the other fields, then click on “OK”
Important: the hour and the date of registration which we post base on those of your computer

2 - Format of recording MP3 or MP4? :
The format of the file that you obtain depends on the type of diffusion of the radio. Most radios diffuse in mp3, but those of Group NRJ (NRJ, Nostalgie, Rire & Chansons, Cherie FM) diffuse in MP4.
In this case, the file that you obtain is in mp4.

- To read the mp4 file directly, download VLC Media player

- Otherwise, you can convert the mp4 to mp3 (particularly if you want to read it on your usb key, Ipod, Iphone, etc..) : here are some simple software to convert your mp3 to mp4 :

- MP4 to MP3 Converter : Free and simple

- Free M4a to MP3 Converter : allow to convert M4A into AAC and MP3 or WAV.

You can also consult the list of the software more complete of treatment of the recordings (point 5 below)

3 - Limitation of the recordings:
By default, the number of recording is limited to 4 recordings of 3:00. To increase this limit, it is enough to address e-mail to us to info (At)
Please note that it is enough to recover the recordings on your computers and to remove them your space to record others of them.

10 (continuation) - Publish, cut out, mix and/or compile your recordings (create your compils, your CD, and your ringings):
Here some software and freeware allowing to work your recordings to create your best compilations, remix or podcast, and even your ringings for cellphone.

- WavePad: Free - complete and powerful Editor - It comprises all the functions of edition necessary to the current tasks (to copy, cross, stick, mix, cut down, separate).

- mp3DirectCut: Free - small tool being used to publish audio MPEG directly. You can remove certain parts, modify volume, divide files or copy selections in several new files - Cut your recorded favorite songs and carry out several mix and molten.

- Méga MP3 Splitter: Free - complete and powerful Editor - It comprises all the functions of edition necessary to the current tasks (to copy, cross, stick, mix, cut down, separate).

- Audio Free Editor: Free - Alternative to Audacity, Free Audio Editor is a freeware conceived to work easily on your audio files. It resembles like a brother Music Editor Free, of which it is dissociated especially by his translation in French. Many filters and effects. Alternative to Audacity. Certain functionalities attached in the free version. Caution: only in English

- Music Editor Free: Free - Music Editor Free is a freeware adapted to all the stages of an audio project: recording, edition, effects, and even engraving on CD. Certain functionalities attached in the free version. Caution: only in English

- MP3 Toolkit: Free - Create your compilations thanks to the fast and intuitive tool for fusion of files MP3. Creation of your ringings for mobile phones via its software of essential partitioning to recut the audio tracks. Caution: only in English

- Reason: Free - Studio of ultra composition complete. However the version of test is very limited

- Audacity: Free - cross, copy, to stick and assemble sound extracts, to modify the speed or the height of a recording, edition and mixing of a large number of tracks

- Adobe Hearing CS6: Paying - Software offering professional of the tools for the assembly, the mixing, the restoration and the effects audio. Expansion of the clips in real time. Vocal alignment car. Fast and precise assembly

11. How to add the site to the favorites

Note préliminaire*:
If you wish to add an automatic bond of launching of your preferred radio, to see at the end of the paragraph (not d)

a. To add to the favorites under Internet Explorer
It is enough to click on the mitre “favorites” in the bar of the spots, then “to add to the favorites”
Easy way: you can click on star of favorites on the left of the mitre of the page in progress, then to add to the favorites.

b. To add to the favorites under Google Chromium plates
On the right, in the bar of address, there is a small empty star, it is enough to click above.
If not you can click on the mitre “favorites” in the bar of the spots, then “to add to the favorites”.
Easy way! : use the short cut: Ctrl+Maj+B (Windows and Linux) or #- Update-B (Mac), to reveal the bar of the favorites, it is very practical!
If you have this bar, it is enough to click on the icon on the left of the address of the site, and to move it in this bar.

c. To add to the favorites under Firefox
In Firefox, the favorites are called “Mark page”
Click on “Mark-Pages” in the bar of the spots, then “to mark this page”

d. Bond for the automatic launching of your preferred radio
If you do not wish to undergo the automatic launching of a random radio, you can define the launching of your preferred radio.
It is enough for that to record in your favorites the bond “play”.
This bond is in the form:
For example, for Skyrock, the “nomcourtdelaradio” is “skyrock” and the bond will be:

This bond is in the player when you listen to the radio, below button play.
Here a list of “name courts”:
bbcradio1 - digitallyimportedclubsounds - europe1 - fip - francebleu - franceculture - franceinfo - franceinter - funradio - hotmixradio - liveireland - mfm - mixxradio - nostalgia - nrj - ouifm - radiobfm - radioclassic - radiolatina - rfi - rfm - let us rireetchansons - rmc - RTL - rtl2 - skyfmdance - skyrock - virginradio

12. How to add/modify/delete a radio?

1 Directly on the site:
Here a small fast tutorial to make a success of the referencing of your radio in directory RADIOWAYS

a. To check if your radio is there already:
You go in research, then research by name and you type the name or part of the name of your radio.
If it is there already:
- You to be recorded as a member on Radioways (it is free)
- You to address e-mail to info (at) so that they associate your e-mail of member with your radio: thus when you connect yourselves, your radio appears in your center of administration known the site.

b. Adding a radio:
In roder to add your radio, you just have to connect to the site as a member (it is free), and then click on the "add your radio" on the top of the site

d. Delete your radio :
You can only delete your radio if you succeed proofing that it is your radio by inserting an empty radioways.txt fils on the base of the stream url. Otherwise you can use our adding interface to modify your stream

e. Times of update:
Radioways is a community of voluntary, are lenient, in particular for the time of taking into account of your request for addition (on average 15j)

f. Direct link of listening of your radio:
Once you will be in the Radioways directory, you will be connected of direct listening of the form:, which you will find, in the player on the left on the site when you listen to your radio.

g. Images and tutorial:
Tutorial to correctly put a Radioways bond on your site:

Visual and Radioways logos:

h. Partnership: setting ahead, signals, slider.
We would be happy to propose to you in the directory, it is free and it is based on the principle of partnership and exchange.
Radioways being a directory with nonlucrative goal.

2. If not quite simply by e-mail
If you do not have time to do it on the site, you can address an e-mail to us to info (at), we will manually do it for you;)
A. If you are responsible for the radio, thank you to address information to us below.
- The name of the radio
- The Slogan
- Is this a radio FM or Webradio?
- Kinds (list of the kinds on the site)
- Country/city/area
- The e-mail of contact authorized to modify your radio via our site
- Your logo: mini format 80x80
- Your URL of streaming, ideally a stream with the format “mp3” (mpga).

B. If it is right a radio which you know and who is not reproduced on Radioways: just the name and the site of the radio, we will occupy ourselves to contact them.

2. If your radio is on line and that you wish to modify it
Thank you to address an e-mail to us to info (at) with the modifications which you wish to make (if not you can do it directly on our interface “addition”: to see point 9.2 above.

14. Who are we? How to contact us?

Radioways is a groupware (Canada, France and Lebanon) voluntary between several impassioned new technologies, radios, televisions and media in general, which spent their passions, their knowledge, their competences and their time joint to create the first world base the most important online radios and multi-media platform of referencing of the whole of the audio-visual media of the world, with more than 50,000 radios referred to date and 1400 televisions (on line on the site starting from March 2011).

We are for the “free one for all” and the Community spirit of division to the image of Firefox or Wikipedia.
We use very last technologies and innovations available today on the Net.

This Community division included of the single and exclusive innovations Radioways like:
- “quick stream”: exclusive technology of pre-buffer and instantaneous listening of the radios
- “quick search”: exclusive technology of indexing for a quasi instantaneous posting of the search listings
- “Stream-scan”: exclusive technology of robot of indexing and scan of the streams of the Net.
Like good of other technologies: '' stream analyzer', etc… Associated with a powerful back-office, the whole allowing to bring a base of qualitative data of listening and indexing of the whole of the radios and televisions of the world available on Internet.

We place this Community work free and without pub at the disposal of the whole of the Net surfers.

You can support us by communicating the bond around you (e-mail, Facebook,…), because we do not have advertising budgets.

- If you have time, and wish to join this community to take part in this groupware, do not hesitate to contact us with site (At)

- If you wish to give a support or a gift with Radioways, in order to support this initiative, and to allow to keep free Radioways and without pub, do not hesitate to contact us with info (at)

- If not you can just encourage us by communicating the address of the site around you…
Do not hesitate to return to you over Facebook de Radioways for small “I like”

Contact - Which are us?:
Do you wish to know the history of Radioways, would you like to take part and support this initiative?
Follow this bond more on Radioways
- You can join to us quite simply by e-mail to: info (at), we answer in general very quickly.

Do not hesitate to solicit us, some is the point met, we are fully at your disposal.

- You can also find Radioways on Facebook

- Finally you can follow Radioways on Twitter

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- Radio CMS
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Fun Radio - Skyrock - NRJ - FM Darling - France information - Traditional Radio - RTL - Skyrock - France Blue - France culture - France music - Nostalgia - MFM
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Bor Fm - Radio operator Latina - the Radio operator East - RMC - RFM - Virgin Radio - Radio operator Happiness - Radio Notre Dame - 181.FM - Energy 98 - Digitally Imported


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