Welcome to the administration area of ??your radios!

Please review the following tips before adding your radio ... Thank you to perform before a search to find out if your radio is already in the directory. If this is the case, thank you to send us an email with your login and the URL of your radio on Radioways so that we associate with your radio to administer
PS 1 : After you add your radio, make sure it appears in the list below. If it does not, you can write us (definitely a special character that we have not supported)
PS 2 . In the fields THE STREAM URL, it is imperative to enter the url of the mp3 stream. Please retrieve the url source (no .pls, no .m3u). Do not complete the stream by /; or /
If you enter the url of a website or a player, we can not add your radio
PS 3 . for more information, please visit our help: https://www.radioways.com/help.html#ajouter-radio

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