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1. Display Problem - overlays and offsets

When the site launches, it should look like this:

listen radio

1.1 Offset menus and lists :
This may be due to the size of the display or characters (often in Internet Explorer), here's the solution:
- Top Menu> View> Text size>
normal - Top Menu> View> Zoom> 100%
- Top Menu> View> Style> Default style

1.2. Frames and titles are displayed, but the radios and content lists are not displayed :
This is mainly a problem connecting to databases or cookies.
We invite you to consult our cookies to check if it is not from there, or it could come from an update in progress. Otherwise thank you to send us a mail.

1.3. Clear Cache :
Generally, it is recommended to periodically clear your cache to remove any unwanted cookies, and all unnecessary temporary pages in allourdissent As the sites you visit, your computer and your navigation.
Click here to learn how to empty the cache of your browser :

1.4. Alternatively :
- You can try to close the browser and restart the site.
- Otherwise you can empty the cache of your browser and restart .

2. Sound Problem (cuts or no sound at all) - radios launch Problem

2.1. Sound problem (no sound) or radios remain on "loading ..." :

The first thing to try: completely close the browser and restart it . If this does not work:
Two possible reasons:
- Either it is a cache problem: must empty the cache of your browser
- Either you have not installed Flash (version 10.2 above) or flash crashed (planted) (it happens ...).
- One more reason could be less likely cookies

. to. If you already have Flash Player is that it has crashed:
We must close all browser windows and restart the site. It should have gone better.
Otherwise it would empty the cache of your browser

b. If you have not installed Flash, see How to install Flash Player

c. Another reason less likely, is that we are currently updating our databases. Please write to see if this is the case at info (at) we will assist you quickly and free

d. Finally, otherwise try with another browser, to see if it works.

e. Important: 3G wifi : In some cases 3G network using WiFi or tapered at network (internet cafe, etc ...), some flows are blocked. We met mainly the concern over 3G key.

2.2. The radio regularly cut: :

Some radios have a buffer management problem. Must be break, then play again.
Otherwise it might come from a low flow or heavy use of your PC slowing flash, or a flow problem.
Otherwise thank you to write.

4. Installing Flash player

If the radios remain on 'loading in progress ...' c "is the player module (Requires Flash) does not boot.
This happens:
- Or if Flash is not installed: Senior Version 10.2 (see below)
- Or if Flash has crashed ( see 'radios do not engage' earlier )

3.1 - Install a recent Flash version
Here is a tutorial for Adobe, allowing you to test and install Flash Player simply:


After installing the Flash Player update, it is to restart your computer for the installation to be properly taken into account

3.2 - Troubleshooting, useful links: If you have any problem to the flash system (or if the browser asks you to install flash again). We invite you to consult with Adobe:

a. Troubleshooting installation problems of Flash Player
b. Troubleshooting Flash installer for Mac (Intel)
c. testing and version of your flash player
d. installation flash player

- Otherwise you can also uninstall and reinstall your browser itself

. - If the problem persists, please contact us at: info (at)

5. Installing good 'plugins' (modules) to listen to radio

Our website is html5, our player and jplayer (html5/flash). Radioways uses the latest technologies available to offer maximum compatibility with the various browsers, tablets and laptops. The player jplayer try to read through the html5 player owns most recent browsers or via the built-in Flash player the browser (as is the case for Google Chrome) or installed by you. Note that the iPhones and many laptops do not use Flash Player, so the only solution is reading through a browser with HTML5

- 2. WMP (windows media player) .
We have more streams because wmp obsolete deal with performance and p4a mp3. However, for information in case you need to read wmp stream on your computer:
- If you are under Internet Explorer : no need (at worst a Windows update ...)
- If you are under Firefox/Mozilla or Opera or Chrome , visit our page:
help. Installing the Windows Media Player plugin (click here)

- 3. VLC (videolan) :
We no longer use this plugin. However we keep this help topic for those who want to use this plugin for other purposes:
- Please visit our
page aid to VLC plugin installation for Macintosh or Linux
. - Here also the link installation help VLC plugin for Windows


6. Some radio show 'unavailable' or 'error': solution

The message 'unavailable' means that the stream of the radio is inaccessible or unavailable (many radio stations regularly change flow).

to. If the radio is not 'MP3', check that you have correctly installed the plugin: category: plugin installation for radio

b. The most likely reason is that the flow of the radio is inaccessible.
We recommend search by radio name, because we often have multiple streams for the same radio.
But if this happens on the radio, we identified the following restrictions:
- Key 3G SFR , playback restrictions on some streams
- Hotspot SFR/Neuf WiFi : Reading restricting certain

flow - Some companies block access to certain servers radio: as such, for the same radio, you will find several versions (type the name in the search)

However, it could also be due to a blockage of the player if it is a radio that meets usual.
- To check: Make sure you get to see and listen to other radio stations. Then come back on this radio again.
- Otherwise, perform a search by radio name , we often have several versions flows for the same radio. So test the other stream. - If not, please try to close the browser and restart the site.
- If the problem persists and no other radio responds, please make the check list of the 5 points of our 'the site load not '.

Finally do not hesitate to contact us to report the problem and we contact info (at)

7. Brownouts or total failure of her after a while.

1. Regularly spaced dropouts when listening or stop after a few seconds:

1.1 Solution 1:

Make 'pause' a few seconds then 'play' again.
This is often the buffer (setting flow buffer) that has not had time to load due to low flow.

1.2 Solution 2:
If the radio stops automatically after a few seconds (and when you do pause/play, it uses the same piece or it will not launch) is that flash went wrong initialized and kept in buffer the same piece. It happens more frequently when there is another flash process (on another site, for example: advertising, flash, etc ..)
For this, you must exit the browser (close all other pages too). Then start Radioways. Everything should be back to normal.

1.3 Solution 3:
We added alternative of listening streams to meet your configuration.
To find these various streams, you can search (remember to check radio). You will results in alternatives 'streams' of different types (+ qs, VLC or WMP) and flow rates (24, 56, 64, 128kbps, etc ..)
1.4 If the problem persists:
Thank you to urgently send us an email to: info (at) with the name of the radio
2. Cutting off the radio after a few hours of listening:
A large number of radios have created a 'timer' that cuts the sound or stop the spread of the stream after a while listening (usually several hours). This is to prevent the diffusion abusive, erroneous or 'forgotten' radios.

8. Problem with cookies

Cookies are a file where we store information required to:
- Programming
radio recordings - Your playlists
radios. - Fast indexed search quick search
- The radio listening acceleration: quick stream

Therefore, the Radioways site will not work properly if you allow cookies following:

You can also easily view the content stored by cookies, which are text files.

Here is a tutorial to know: how to enable cookies

9. How to record a radio? Mp3 or mp4 recording format?

Important Note
You do not need to leave your PC switched on when recording: records are held on our server

1 - Immediate mode and deferred mode
You have two recording modes.
Immediate and delayed When you mouse over the record button, you have a menu that opens.
a- For immediate recording: specify the length and click the record button
b- To set a timed recording: Complete the other fields, then click 'OK'
Important: the time and date of recording that we display are based on those of your computer

2 - MP3 recording format or MP4
? The file format you get depends on the type of broadcast radio. Most radio stations broadcast in mp3 , except that of the NRJ Group (Nostalgia, laugh & songs, Chérie FM) diffusing MP4 .
In this case, the recorded file you get is mp4.
- To read it quickly , use media player VLC Media
- Otherwise you can convert it to mp3 (especially for playback on an iPod, a USB key, etc ..): Here are some simple software:

- MP4 to MP3 Converter : Free and easy

- Free M4a to MP3 Converter : to convert M4A and AAC to MP3 or WAV files.

You can also consult the list of the most complete software records processing (item 5 below)

3 - Limiting Records
By default, the number of registration is limited to 4 recordings 3 hours. To increase this limit, simply send us an email to info (at)
Please note that it is sufficient to recover the recordings to your computer and delete them from your space to save others.

Edit 10-, cut, mix and/or compile your recordings (create your compilations, CDs and ringtones):
Here are some freeware software for working your recordings to create your best compilations, remix or podcast, and even ringtones for your cell phone.

- with WavePad : Free - powerful and complete editor - It has all the editing functions necessary for common tasks (copy, cut, paste, mix, trim, split).

- with mp3DirectCut : Free - small tool for editing MPEG audio directly. You can remove parts, change the volume, split files or copy files in several new selections - Cut your recorded favorite songs and perform several mix and melted ..

- Mega MP3 Splitter : Free - powerful and complete editor - It includes all the editing functions necessary for common tasks (copy, cut, paste, mix, trim, split)

. - Free Audio Editor : Free - Alternative to Audacity, Free Audio Editor is a free software designed to easily work on your audio. It looks like a brother to Music Editor Free, which he stands out especially by its French translation. Many filters and effects. Alternative to Audacity. Some features clamped in the free version. Warning: only in English

- with Music Editor Free : Free - Music Editor Free is a free software suitable for all stages of a project audio: recording, editing, effects, and even burn to CD. Some features clamped in the free version. Warning: only in English

- MP3 Toolkit : Free - Create your compilations through the fast and intuitive tool to merge MP3 files. Creating ringtones for mobile phones via its partitioning software necessary to intersect the audio tracks. Warning: only in English

- with Reason : Free - ultra complete composition Studio. However the trial version is very limited

- Audacity : Free - cut, copy, paste and mix sounds together, change the speed or pitch of a recording, editing and mixing of many tracks

11. How to add the site to favorites

Preliminary Note * :
If you want to add a link to automatically launch your favorite radio, see end of paragraph (d)

to. Add to your Favorites in Internet Explorer
Just click on the 'favorite' in the taskbar, then 'add to favorites'
Tip: you can click on the star of the favorites tab to the left of the current page and add to favorites

. b. Add to your Favorites in Google Chrome
On the right, in the address bar, there is a small empty star, simply click on it.
Otherwise you can click on the 'favorite' in the taskbar, then 'add to favorites'.
Tip! use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B (Windows and Linux) or # -Shift-B (Mac) to bring up the Favorites bar is convenient
If you have this bar, simply click on the icon to the left of the address of the site and move it in this bar.

c. Add to your Favorites in Firefox
In Firefox, favorites are called 'Mark'
Click on 'Bookmarks' in the taskbar, then' bookmark this page

d. Link to autorun your favorite radio
If you do not want to undergo the automatic launch of a random radio, you can set the launch of your favorite radio.
Simply save your favorite link 'play'.
This link is in the form:
For example, to France Info, the 'shortnameofradio' is 'France-info' and the link will be:

This link is in the player when listening to the radio, below the play button.

12. How to add/edit/delete a radio?

1 Right on the site
Here is a quick tutorial to succeed referencing your radio in the phone RADIOWAYS

to. Check that your radio is already
You go to search, then search by name, and you type the name or partial name of your radio.
If she already is:
- You register as a member on Radioways (it's free)
- You send an email to info (at) for your email they associate member to your radio: so when you log in, your radio will appear in your su Administration Center site

b. Centre for Management and Adding radio
- Sign (as a member) the radioways website (top connection right button)
- Click on the 'add' in the top middle (or run: )

c. Add your radio
The test of your stream is not an obligation. For Radionomy radios, your stream is of the form:

d. Remove your radio
To remove your radio, please upgrade to the root of your ip, a text file (urldevotrestream/radioways.txt) containing the word "delete". Otherwise you can just update your radio stream, without removing it.
The reason for this control is that we have received many requests from malicious deletions from competitors of certain radios.

e. update time
Radioways is a community of volunteers, be forgiving, especially taking into account the time of your request to add (on average 15 days)

f. listening to your radio Direct link
Once you are in the directory Radioways you will have a direct listening link of the form: , which you will find in the player left on the site when you listen to your radio.

g. Images and tutorial
Tuto Radioways to put a link on your site correctly:

Visuals and logos Radioways:

h. Partnership: Before commissioning, tops, slider
. We would be happy to put you ahead in the directory is free and it is based on the principle of partnership and exchange.
Radioways being a non-profit directory.

B. If it's just a radio that you know and not on Radioways: just the name and the radio site, we will arrange to contact them.

2. If your radio is on-line and want to change it
Thank you to send us an email to info (at) with the URL on your radio radioways ( to associate your email. Otherwise you can directly from our interface adding ': see point 9.2 above.

14. Who are we? How to contact us?

Radioways is a collaborative working (Canada, France and Lebanon) volunteer enthusiasts among several new technologies, radios, televisions and media in general, who have put their passions, their knowledge, skills and time to create a common the main Internet radio database (our engines scan in real time all the audio streams on the Internet).

We are for the 'free for all' and the spirit of community sharing in the image of Firefox or Wikipedia.
We use the latest technologies and innovations available today on the net.

We provide this community service free available to the entire Internet.

You can support us by contacting the around you (email, ...) because we have no advertising budget.

- If you have time and want to join this community to participate in this collaborative work, please contact us at website (at)

- If you wish to support or donate to Radioways to support this initiative and help keep Radioways free and without ads, please feel free to contact us at info (at)

- Otherwise you can just encourage us by communicating the website address around you ...
Do not hesitate to contact us, whatever the meeting point we are at your disposal.

- Finally you can follow Radioways on Twitter