Pepper Flash Plugin Google Chrome

1. Enable or disable the Flash plug Pepper Chrome

1.1 What is the Pepper Flash plugin Google Chrome?
The plugin 'pepper flash' is the new born of the alliance Google/Adobe and is an alternative already integrated into Chrome, Flash Player plugin from Adobe. This ensures optimal Operates in Flash Player and compatibility with the browser. But also to avoid parallel updates and any problems of version conflicts etc ...
At the launch of this integration (2013), the pepper flash plugin had certain instabilities, but today it is fully operational. We present below the average activate or deactivate the potential worries fontion that you met your tests to refine and identify the problem.
Note that the lines radio site: Radioways uses flash Player when your browser does not play with the integrated player html5 your browser.

1.2 How to enable or disable the plugin Pepper?
First close all your browsers.
1. Copy and paste chrome:// plugins in your Chrome browser
2. A window opens: click on the top right on '+ Details' to unwind the details

Pepper Flash plugin Google Chrome

3. plugin list pops up and the first principle is 'pepflashplayer.dll' (see first hand below)
4. Views to disable or enable

5. Close and exit the browser and restart the browser

Pepper Flash plug disable Chrome

2. Fun Listen Live Radio

Fun Radio, brings together more than 3.3 million listeners each day. Its audience has taken its development especially in 2006 accompanied by a true digital deployment policy on the net through social networks and the site. Fun Radio was created in 1985. It is owned by the RTL Group since 1999 and its headquarters in Paris.
Fun Radio has as one of its iconic entertainers Max Arthur, Gerard de Suresnes, Difool, Doc, Cauet, Arnold, Bill, Bob, Didier Sinclair, Eric and Ramzy, Genie, Miguel Lorenzo or Karel.
The current leaders of the resort are Cauet, Deborah Morgan, Dario, Ludo, JB, Je, Karel, Mico, Miko, Sophie and Gopher.
The radio is also the current rise in its audience to Cauet and his team in the morning and the issuing Generation Dario Fun evening.
The radio station, which wants multigenerational attracts 13-24 as well as 25-49 by soul music and dance programming. (Source:
This live internet radio can be heard on Radioways: funradio online

3. Listen NRJ Live

The NRJ Group is the symbol of a spectacular and unparalleled success within the free radios. In November 2002, the station became the first radio cumulative audience in France, dethroning RTL which held the top spot for 22 years.
NRJ is a private radio which was launched in June 1981 by John Paul Baudecroux.
This acronym means not only energy ', but also New Radio Young.
In other European countries where it operates, the radio station is also called Energy. NRJ began early to develop a radio group by acquiring in 1987 Chérie FM. In 1989, she created Rire et Chansons. The NRJ Group bought Nostalgia in 1998.
NRJ today enjoys a European reputation, with a strong presence in Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway Bulgaria and Russia. With millions of daily listeners, NRJ has even become Europe's first radio. (Source:
NRJ live on the Internet can be heard on Radioways: listen NRJ online

4. Listen Live SKYROCK

Twitter is the first radio station in France for young listeners under 25 years.
Twitter diffuse PAR and RnB music. This radio station has built its success on urban music such as rap and R'n'B. Twitter is also the second French radio cumulative audiences through popular shows like 'Planet Rap "or" Radio Libre'. Twitter almost disappear in 2011 without the support of millions of listeners who defended the founding president 'excluded' and thus ensured the success of this perrénité radio judging by its audience.
Twitter live on the Internet can be heard on Radioways: skyrock online

5. Contacting Radioways?

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Do not hesitate to contact us, whatever the meeting point we are at your disposal.

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