How to install Windows Media Player WMP PLUGIN Firefox for Mac, PC and Linux

1 . What's the plugin WMP (Windows Media Player)

This plugin allows browsers type Mozzila/firefox with no native player of Windows Media Player, read Microsoft video and audio formats like WMA and WMV on many sites distributing music or video in Microsoft format and this directly in your web browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc. ). You will also be helpful to read the multimedia content of all other sites that broadcast in Microsoft format: WMA and WMV (increasingly rare ...).

2. How do I install the Windows Media Player plugin on Windows? (For browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

Note: This plugin plugin called 'WMP for Firefox' or English 'wmp firefox plugin' but it is not just about Firefox. It also concerns: Chrome, Safari, and other browsers (except IE).

For Windows V11 (Win7, XP, Vista) and browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others that IE

Click here to download the media player plugin for Firefox

IMPORTANT: After installation, it is possible that the site is returned to the pop-up prompting you to install the plugin. This comes from Google Chrome that asks permission to execute the plugin. A warning bar certainly appears at the top of your browser. Click 'Always run on this site .
Close and restart your browser.

If, despite this, you still encounter difficulties:
We then advise you:
1. Restart the PC
2. Run the downloaded software: 'wmpfirefoxplugin.exe' and achieve Uninstall
. 3. Restart the PC
4. Install again by launching the downloaded software: 'wmpfirefoxplugin.exe
5. Restart the PC and launch Firefox.

For Windows V9 (95/98/SE/Me/2000) and browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others that IE

1. Click here to download the Windows Media Player plugin for Netscape 4.x .
2. Save the file and start the installation. It is simply done.
3. Open Internet Explorer and go to Windows Update to make sure you have the latest version of the plugin
4. Restart the browser

3. How do I install the Windows Media Player plugin for Mac?

On Mac OS, it is possible to listen to audio and video streams in Microsoft format.
However, unlike the WMP plugin for Firefox, this solution has not been validated and approved by Microsoft.
So she does not read correctly all the WMA and WMV files.

For your information it comes to Telestream Flip4Mac developed by the company (
We recommend installing the plugin/player VLC, free, light and fast. For more information, please visit our online Help: Radioways - how to install VLC

4. How do I install the Windows Media Player plugin for Linux?

Although Microsoft has made a first step towards the free software solution by validating the WMP for Firefox, for the moment, no other more comprehensive approach to Linux has been taken ..

Under Linux, we therefore recommend installing VLC which is also free software, light and fast

You can check our tutorial on.

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