Lounge-ambient, Zen-Nature-Spirituel, New age

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  • Codec: mp3
  • Quality (kbps) : 128 Kbps
  • Technology: radionomy
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On Radio 3 music Harmony prevail calm instrumental compositions, which are ideal for relaxation and meditation. Gentle flute, warm guitar and space Hang, accompanied by the sounds of nature and panoramic electronic music will be a great addition, and in some cases even the foundation of any practices aimed at healing and self-discovery.Meditative, New Age, Instrumental, Relaxation, Yoga, Harmonization, Deep relax, Ethnic fusion, Various, Meditation practice, Journey to music, Healing, World, Flute, Guitar, Piano, Singing bowls, for Mom & Child, Holistic
3 music Harmony is a kind of radio Lounge-ambient, Zen-Nature-Spirituel, New age
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