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Radios often the most played Simple Minds

POWER (1.40%)


Pirates Keep (1.31%)


Ohrfunk.de Studio Siegen (1.27%)

(Pop, Informations, Humour, Groove-Funk, Rock)

ClubFM (1.24%)

(Dancefloor, Pop, Top 50, Rock)

104.5 Omarama (1.11%)


Jenny Fm Classic (1.10%)

(70s, 80s)

Jenny Fm Classic (1.10%)

(Pop, Electro-Techno, Reggae-Dancehall, Oldies, Top 50, Rock, 80s, 90s)

Radio HAG FM (1.04%)

(Généraliste, Informations, Rock, Culturel)

Radio HAG FM (1.00%)

(Pop, Rock)


(Pop, Soul, Rock, 70s)

laut.fm/club85 (0.90%)

(Dancefloor, Pop, Rock, Disco, Underground, Electro-varié)

RAM FM Eighties Hit Radio (0.89%)

(Pop, Top 50, Rock, 80s)

A66FM non stop commercial free music (0.89%)

(Adulte contemporain)

RAM FM Eighties Hit Radio (0.89%)

(Pop, Top 50, Rock, 80s)

Radio Lupo Solitario (0.87%)


Radio Crash- Zagreb (0.86%)

(80s, 00s)

Gizmo Majic Greatest Hits of 80s 90s and (0.84%)

(Adulte contemporain)

Gizmo Majic (HD 107) Greatest Hits of (0.84%)

(Adulte contemporain)

247 the mix - 80s, 90s and Beyond! (0.81%)

(Pop, Oldies, 80s, 90s)

CAPITAL FM (0.75%)


RTL2 (0.70%)

(Pop, Rock)

AddictedToRadio.com- Classic Alternative (0.66%)

(Rap, Rock, Indie-Alternative)

GLOBAL FM CH (0.65%)

(Pop, Rock)

RMI- 80s Gold (0.64%)


Radio Volere e Volare (0.63%)


Radio 112 (0.63%)

(Pop, Top 50, Rock)

AUSSIE (0.60%)